About BinPros

Though many may pay little mind to the cleanliness of their trash and recycling equipment, the improper maintenance of bins and containers used to dispose of food products and other waste can lead to the growth and transfer of bacteria and germs which we often bring into our homes and places of business.

With BinPros, we ensure your garbage equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for regular use while implementing sound environmental practices that protect your equipment as well as local waterways!

The results? Fully cleaned, disinfected trash and recycling bins safe for daily use in both residential and commercial spaces. Bins and equipment are cleaned and disinfected inside and out for a truly deep clean.

At BinPros, we recognize the importance of safe, clean, and healthy equipment we use in our homes and places of business everyday to dispose of and recycle various types of waste.

Keeping our trash and recycling bins clean is an important but often unwelcome task! After all, few find the idea of cleaning their garbage cans appealing!

We created BinPros with the goal of providing accessible, affordable, and environmentally-friendly recycling/trash bin cleaning services for local residential and commercial properties. With our dedication to helping both families and businesses function daily with clean waste bins and containers, we work to eliminate the risks of bacteria and germs in both home and work spaces, with an emphasis on removing risks of bacterial and fungal infection commonly associated with unclean trash and recycling containers.

With the aim to provide professional, reliable, and eco-conscious cleaning services for local communities, BinPros works to ensure complete customer satisfaction with a focus on offering environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives to match.

Why choose BinPros

Corporate Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility to positively impact our environment through community education and personal actions.

Core Values

Outside of just keeping your bins sparkling clean and decontaminated, we're focused on providing excellent customer service, maintaining a healthy environment and providing community education.

Mission Statement

BinPros is dedicated to maintaining environmental quality of our communities with efficient, quality cleaning of your bins, community education and exceptional customer service.